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This resource is K-8 and will work well for Elementary and Middle School students.

Bonjour!  Get ready to spend some time learning about France with 5 full days of crafts, music, engaging videos, recipes, informative reading, story telling and much more!

5 Day Virtual Vacation Pack Includes:
Teaching guide for all 5 days of exploration.  The teaching guide includes quality resources and ways to utilize these resources to make the 5 day virtual vacation memorable, enjoyable, and educational for all of your students.  The teaching guide is bundled with an 6 page printable workbook with coloring pages, country fact worksheets, and writing prompts for the students to use during the 5 days.
Topics in the teaching guide include:

– Tours of many French cities including iconic Paris
– 3 easy to make authentic French recipes
– An engaging look at French history
– and much more!

You can purchase the bundle by clicking the link below.  If you are unable to pay, or would like to know more about our scaled Little House pricing: click here.
Purchase by clicking here.


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